Life in Lockdown

This is the first blog on our new and improved website!!!

Life has been very different since Monday 23rd March when unfortunately the door of the salon closed due to the Corona Virus. We are now on week 12 of salon closure and patiently waiting on a date to reopen. We can’t wait to get back to work and see all of you but the safety of our team and clients has to be number one priority at this time. We are already putting plans into place for our re-opening, we will be following the government guidelines and recommendations to keep everyone safe.

While we await the green to go, I’ll give you an insight into our Lockdown Lives!

. PE with Jo Wicks 9am ( I can now manage to plank for 40 seconds)

.Making sourdough bread, involves feeding this sad, pathetic looking starter everyday which turns into the best bread ever.

.Spending time with our children trying to homeschool when they actually know more than you!!

.Making dinners with stuff lying in the back of the fridge and surprised when it actually tastes good.

.Going through every emotion that you never knew existed

That’s a small insight into my life in the 12 weeks I am sure there will be more to come!!!

Please keep an eye on our social media platforms to keep you updated with any developments.